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FREE GAME SHOW - March 11th @ 5 pm RSVP Form

See You At The Show! March 11th @ 5 PM on ZOOM. Add it to your calendar!

1 or 2 devices are needed to play the game. 


  • Computers are preferred to view the show and see/interact with everyone that is in the game.

  • Phone/Tablet or computer web browser to answer questions and be part of the show. 


We will be using ZOOM to have everyone see each other, see everyone play the experience and view our Real Live Host who will move around the game. Everyone will be able to see the scores, leaderboard, and questions on there as well. 



Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 822 8502 7180

Passcode: CAMP2021


For everyone to answer the questions and be part of the game, they will need to use a phone/tablet or web browser. Everyone will be able to click their answer for every question throughout the game.


Enter this URL in the browser or above is a QR code:

Create a New Player

Enter Your Name or Nickname and Press GO! 


We want to show it off to you for FREE! 




Looking for a way to energize your team, get everyone engaged? Our Virtual Game Shows are the perfect solution to provide a fun and competitive team building activity designed to engage your on/off-site camp team.


One Man or Team Face Off – multi-media trivia questions, music, pop culture, sports, entertainment, etc.


Our Virtual Game Shows are much more than a trivia game – they are a mini TV production, designed to provide players and viewers with a classic TV game show experience.


Score Keeping, Leaderboard, Interactive Fun and Excitement!

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