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Perfect for
Grades K-12 
or College

The Exhilarating School Game Show that combines

both Engaging Physical & Mental Challenges 

into One of the Most Exciting and Entertaining 

Educational Experiences Your School Will Ever See.


Watch as Teams of Students & Teachers

Go Head-to-Head in a Huge Variety of Fun,

Curriculum-Based Games and Challenges 

Ranging from Brain-Racking Trivia & Puzzles

to Wacky Relay Races & Obstacle Courses.

Campus Quest Comes Directly To Your School Complete with 

 our Television-Realistic Game Show Set Including;


-  Our Personalized, Lit Campus Quest Backdrop

- State-Of-The-Art Sound System and Lighting

- Lit Podiums fit with Buzzers & Scoreboards

- & our HD Game Show Screen to Allow Your

Entire School Audience to Join in on The Fun

Every Campus Quest event can be Fully

Customized to suit Your School’s Wants & Needs.


- Core Curriculum Standards

- Perfect for State Testing Preparation

- Personalize with your Own School Questions

- Tailored for Any Grade & Age Group

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